Playmobil Knights Hawk Knights Battle Cannon

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Load, aim, fire! The enemy won’t know what’s hit them with the PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights’ Battle Cannon.

Dressed in full armour, the two Hawk Knights place the cannon into position. It tilts and swivels so they can be sure the aim and projectile are accurate. They wheel the handcart near the cannon where the dynamite and spare cannonball are within easy reach.

One cannonball is already loaded so there’s nothing else to do but light it with the torch and wait for the blast as it hits the enemy target. What a shot!

When the battle gets closer, the Hawk Knights fight hand to hand choosing their preferred weapons from a selection of swords, axes, bows and arrows. Their imposing standard flutters in the wind behind them, soon to be used to mark victory over their enemies.

This fun PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights’ Battle Cannon encourages creative play, with the movable parts and numerous accessories keeping young hands and minds captivated.

  • The cannon tilts and swivels into position

  • The convenient handcart stores extra items, such as a spare cannonball and a barrel of dynamite

  • The battle-dressed knights have shields for protection and a host of weapons

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small parts

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Recommended age:

4 years+



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