Playmobil Knights Hawk Knights with Camouflage Wagon

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Prepare a surprise attack on the enemy castle with the PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights with Camouflage Wagon! This secret hideout on wheels is a clever way to sneak into hostile territory without being detected.

Just like the Trojan Horse, this ox-pulled wagon piled high with hay looks harmless enough. The unwitting soldiers at the castle open the gates to let it in then all hell breaks loose as the Hawk Knights leap out and attack!

This interactive toy has lots of accessories to keep your little one’s hands busy. A harness fits over the ox so it can be hooked up to the wagon to pull it along. The driver sits on the front seat with his whip and a pouch of goods. A bucket full of water hangs on the back and a huge mound of hay sits in the wagon cart with a scythe and broom fitted either side to handle the hay when it reaches its destination.

The destination, however, is amongst the enemies, and this so-called mound of hay is actually hollowed out inside to conceal two armed Hawk Knights. They spring into action already dressed in armour, wielding their swords and shields or firing their bows and arrows.

  • The hay mound opens up to reveal two Hawk Knights ready for battle

  • An ox and wagon, wagon driver, two Hawk knights and numerous accessories are included

  • This interactive game helps your child learn through creative play

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small parts

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4 years+



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