Playmobil Space Mars Research Vehicle

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For kids who gaze up at the stars, this PLAYMOBIL Space Mars Research Vehicle is a must for creative play! Watch them release their inner astronaut as they launch the hi-tech space vehicle into action and get ready to explore the surface of Mars.

Fully equipped for space exploration, the Space Mars Research Vehicle has a movable arm at the back that can be fitted with interchangeable heads. The extendable arm can reach for and grab the special blue crystals found on the planet’s surface with the gripper. To discover what’s hidden beneath the surface, the astronauts deploy the drill and get to work, checking the computer screens inside the vehicle for clues of what might be there. Is that something moving in the distance? Have aliens detected them? The alarm is sounding inside the space vehicle! Argghh…they’re under attack! Fire the double space cannon!

When the alien battle is over and the crystal specimens are collected, it’s time for the Mars mission to end. The side door lowers and one astronaut leaps up the ramp. The roof opens too and with one bound in the zero gravity atmosphere, the other astronaut jumps into the space vehicle from the top. With lights flashing and gadgets whirring, the Space Mars Research Vehicle has completed its mission and it’s time to return to Earth.

  • This PLAYMOBIL set includes one astronaut figure, a research vehicle, two readers, research tongs with a reader, an extendable arm, a drill, a gripper, a double space cannon and six blue crystals.

  • Includes working lights and sound.

  • The side door opens and converts to a ramp.

  • Includes a detachable roof.

  • Includes two seats for the space crew.

  • Suitable for children aged 6 and above.

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