Plush Crocodile 20in

Plush Crocodile 20in


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They say that you should never smile at a crocodile. But, your little one will be unable to resist a smile when they see this fantastic plush toy. A cuddly croc that will accompany their everyday adventures, this soft toy features plastic eyes and is made from various textured fabrics.

This 20cm cuddly toy is perfect for snuggles at bedtime. As your child enjoys their bedtime stories, they can hug and hold their new friend. Small enough to be taken out to the shops and their favourite attractions, it's also sturdy enough for all of their everyday adventures. Your child can use their imagination to create stories about their new crocodile friend or build empathy skills as they talk about the crocodile's feelings. They might also share their own lives with their stuffed toy companion, telling this crocodile all about their day at school or something that they've done with their friends.

With a realistic but non-threatening design, this cuddly crocodile is the perfect stuffed toy for older children as well as young toddlers. And, it provides endless hugs in a snap!

  • Cuddly 20cm crocodile plush.

  • Various fabrics and textures for sensory appeal.

  • Builds your child's imagination and empathy skills.

  • Great for bedtime and days out.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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