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Dinosaur fans will love this friendly open-mouthed plush Mosasaurus, which is ready to swim into their toy box.

The Mosasaurus was an aquatic dinosaur, first discovered near European rivers. It had flippers instead of legs and preferred to live in shallow waters. Now, this cuddly toy Mosasaurus would rather live in your house! Featuring realistic shading and a variety of soft and snuggly textures, this is the perfect stuffed toy for boys and girls that have an interest in palaeontology.

This plush Mosasaurus makes a perfect bedtime buddy, ideal for cuddling up to at the end of a long day of fun. It's also easy to carry, ready to become a toy that your little one takes on their adventures. Look out for sharp teeth that are, thankfully, part of a friendly smile. Will your child make up stories that feature their new Mosasaurus companion?

With its scaly back, long neck and spines from head to tail, this cuddly Mosasaurus is a realistic representation of a creature that once roamed the rivers. It's the perfect toy to add to your child's dino-themed bedroom.

  • Well-made soft toy, with plush fabric textures.

  • Super cuddly, ideal for bedtime.

  • Great for little dinosaur fans.

  • Detailed, realistic design - including scaly skin.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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