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The triceratops may be from prehistoric times, but that won't stop this super cute plush toy becoming your new best pal.

With his three distinctive horns and spiky frill, this small and cuddly creature is an adorable representation of the real-life herbivorous dinosaurs that roamed the planet millions of years ago. Dinosaur lovers of all ages will be happy to have this little Triceratops to play with or to cuddle up to.

Dinosaurs have the capacity to capture the imagination of even the youngest children, and this plush triceratops would be the ideal gift for a dinosaur fan who is not quite ready for smaller dinosaur toys and models. By playing with the triceratops, you can introduce your little one to a whole new fascinating era in our planet's history and help them to recognise all the different characteristics of these intriguing beasts.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over.

  • Dinosaur measures 12 inches in length.

  • Made from super-soft, high-quality materials.

  • Includes plenty of interesting detailing, such as the spikes running along its spine and on top of its frill, which make it a more realistic representation than other triceratops plush toys.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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