Rastar RC Car 1/14 Land Rover Defender

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You’ll be reluctant to hand over the controls when playing with this Rastar RC Car 1/14 Land Rover Defender!

This miniature remote control car has been crafted on the Land Rover Defender and is a 1/14 scale replica of the rugged SUV. Your child will love testing its off-road capabilities as it zooms through different rooms in the house and across your driveway outside. See how fast it can get and be impressed by its flexibility at turning. The driving skills can carry on even when it starts to get dark as the lights automatically come on when the car is running.

This remote-controlled car is packed with features to keep your child engrossed for hours. The officially licensed model has four drive modes of forward, reverse, left and right, and the front wheels have adjustable alignment. The injection moulded body gives it an authentic look and it has an independent suspension as well as doors that can be opened by hand. The interior is just as detailed as the exterior for a realistic look. When the car moves forward the headlights light up and when it’s in reverse a red light glows at the back. The wireless remote control is designed as a steering wheel so your child really feels like the driver. Learning to steer the RC car and navigate it across varying terrains both indoors and outside help enhance your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

  • This remote-controlled Land Rover Defender needs a smooth surface to run on, such as asphalt, wood or concrete.

  • A dial on the bottom of the car can be set to the middle so the vehicle travels in a straight line.

  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

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3 years+



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