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Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run!

Can your bunny be the first to hop their way to the top of the hill and claim the delicious, crunchy carrot?

Be careful to avoid the holes which might just open under your paws, the drawbridge, the turnstile and the pesky mole, as you strategically plan your route and think ahead to reach the top.

Funny Bunny is a great game for younger players to enjoy, with easy to understand instructions and simple set-up.

It introduces them to thinking and planning, and is ideal for a family games night, keeping little ones occupied in the school holidays, or even to take away on a family break.

And with games taking as little as 20 minutes to complete, they will want to play again and again!

  • Suitable for children aged four years and up.

  • A lovely game for two to four players.

  • Games can be played in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Race to be the first bunny to reach the top of the hill and the ultimate prize - a delicious carrot.

  • Great strategic and fun game for younger players.

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4 years+



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