Ravensburger Scotland Yard Junior Family Strategy Board Game

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Calling all junior sleuths! Get your best detective hat on and come and help in the hunt for the elusive Mister X!

This simplified version of the classic family favourite board game, Scotland Yard, is perfect for younger children to be introduced to the game, and strategic games more widely.

With a simplified map of London as the board, kids can spot famous landmarks including Westminster Abbey, the River Thames, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, as players work together to capture criminal mastermind Mister X.

You and your team-mates will need to put your heads together to work out where Mister X is travelling to, and apprehend him three times to win the game. If he manages to evade capture nine times, he’s escaped for good!

Scotland Yard Junior is perfect for younger children and great for any family games night, or even to take on holiday.

  • Suitable for children aged six years and up.

  • A game for two to four players.

  • Game time of around 30 - 90 minutes.

  • A great introduction to strategy games for younger players.

  • Adapted from the original family favourite game, Scotland Yard.

  • Develop teamwork and strategic thinking skills.

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6 years+



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