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Board games forge many traditions amongst family and friends, leading to hours of fun, laughter and healthy competition – so, what better way to introduce children to board games than with Risk Junior?! Risk is a classic brand in the world of board games and this edition of the game offers a unique design to specifically appeal to ages 5 and above.

This engaging and thrilling battle for pirate treasure is a fantastic way to encourage the development of critical thinking skills in children. Children will be introduced to the rules of gameplay as they get to move their boat around the board in search of precious treasure. Risk Junior offers an opportunity to combine hands-on play with mental development, as children quickly learn to strategise to take control of the islands and collect as much of the loot as possible.

This toy features easy-to-understand gameplay and vibrant artwork that conveys the exciting pirate theme, perfect for your next family games evening. The game is easy to set up and can be played within 30 minutes, ideal for formative attention spans.

  • Set includes the Risk Junior game board, 4 ship tokens, 32 pirate tokens in red, yellow, green and blue, 12 treasure cards, 2 dice and an easy-to-follow game guide.

  • The game has a fantasy pirate theme, allowing children to compete for buried treasure.

  • Roll the dice and commence an adventure to battle for the control of islands on the high seas.

  • This junior edition of the classic Risk game is designed to introduce children to strategising board game play.

  • The game can be played within 30 minutes.

  • A fantastic gift for children aged 5 and up.

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5 years+



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