Rosie Revere, Engineer

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Never give up on your dreams! This delightful, best-selling picture book tells the story of Rosie Revere, a seemingly quiet child during the day but a madcap, genius inventor by night. She’s inspired by a never-completed dream her visiting Great Aunt Rose has- to somehow learn to fly. Follow Rosie and her aunt, Rose the Riveter, as they work, create, and engineer something truly amazing... or is it?

Another inspiring picture book from the author and illustrator of Iggy Peck, this book uses fun rhyming verse, gorgeous pictures and an intriguing story with lovable characters to teach kids about perseverance. Kids love that Rosie never gives up, and the book is designed to inspire them to do the same. Let your youngsters learn that failure isn’t the end, in fact, it can be an opportunity to explore something even greater. Often used in primary schools as a learning tool around persistence and creativity, it's a highly inclusive and fun way to get kids thinking about aiming high and never giving up.

  • Aimed at 5-7 years old but loved by all ages

  • From bestselling powerhouse duo Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

  • Beautifully presented 32 page book

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