Ruby’s Worry

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From the majestic world of Tom Percival, Ruby’s Worry is a stunning story of dealing with hardships and worries when you’re a kid. Wonderfully illustrated, this book is perfect for teaching your kids how to handle distress while entertaining them in a way that no cartoon or TV programme can.

The poignant story of charming Ruby starts when, all of a sudden, she finds a worry. A small worry, but worry nevertheless, it makes Ruby sad as it gets bigger and more serious with each day that goes by. On the road to get rid of her worry, Ruby deals with her emotional needs and slight anxiety issues. Powerful storytelling makes this novel perfect for today’s kids who live in a stressful world and often have their parents away at work.

Dealing with difficult questions for children's age in a light and humorous way, Ruby’s Worry encourages kids to communicate openly about their worries and discomforts and to seek support from their loved ones and especially friends.

Tackling important issues in a way that is still fun to read, this book is the perfect bedtime story for slightly older children, as it is compelling and educational at the same time. Create a special bond between you and your child by enjoying this book together.

  • Poignant story about emotional distress

  • Illustrated by the author

  • Humorous and educational

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5 years+



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