Sawdust and Rainbows Ladder - Rainbow (Ladder Only)

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The Sawdust And Rainbows Ladder is to be used with the Wee’UN, the Folding Hump, or even both at the same time. It can be used as a ladder to climb on, a bridge between frames, and so much more!

The spacing between the rungs on the Ladder differ from the Wee'UN, increasing the level of challenge when climbing and great for children developing their motor skills and sense of adventure.

  • Includes two clamps for one end of the ladder only.

  • To be used in conjunction with the Wee'UN, Folding Hump, or other Sawdust and Rainbows products (ordered separately).

  • Suitable for children of any age.

  • WARNING: To be used under adult supervision at all times.

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Recommended age:

1 month+


Sawdust And Rainbows

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