Sharing a Shell

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Written by children's favourite author Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by Lydia Monks, Sharing a Shell is a wonderful tale about how it can sometimes be hard to share, but how important it is to work together. Julia Donaldson is recognised for classics including Room on a Broom and The Gruffalo, and the colourfully illustrated Sharing a Shell is just as charming and beautifully written.

The perfect book to read aloud to your child, Sharing a Shell is a story with a clear rhythm, plenty of rhyme and repetitive phrases that encourage engagement and interaction. Little ones will soon pick up on the pattern of the story, finding delight in joining in. The words flow easily, and illustrations provide plenty of engaging talking points.

Older children can easily read this book aloud to younger siblings, or enjoy it on their own with wonderful pictures to add to the experience. Meanwhile, toddlers and younger children will be kept interested by the flowing words and magical pictures that make this a family favourite.

  • Beautifully written by Julia Donaldson.

  • Illustrated by Lydia Monks.

  • Features rhythm, rhyme and repetition.

  • Ideal for reading aloud.

  • Features an important message about sharing and working together.

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