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Playing with Smart Games Bunny Boo will help teach your children aged 2 and over about the complex linguistic tangle that is the concepts of above/below, inside/outside, visible/hidden, and so much more. The cheerfully coloured wooden puzzle toy helps to develop many skills, like problem-solving, language, logic and patience.

This multi-level logic game, made in premium wood, comes with 60 challenge cards. The challenge cards ensure that there is always something new to ask about and ever a new challenge to get their brains working on a new problem. Some of the challenges may look similar, but this is just another level to the puzzle. It ensures that your child works at figuring out what has changed, rather than coasting along with what has gone before.

Bunny Boo can be hidden inside objects, or placed on top of them. You can even position the toy rabbit so that they are looking through one of the various windows made in the toy. Every answer can be different depending on how far Bunny Boo's ears stick out, teaching kids to pay close attention and to think about their responses carefully.

All of this helps to make sure that Smart Games Bunny Boo is one of the best early years educational puzzle games you can hope to find.

  • Multi-level logic game

  • Made from wood

  • Helps stimulate the following skills - spatial insight, problem-solving, concentration, language, logic

  • Includes 60 challenge cards

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2 years+


Smart Games

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