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It’s time to get thinking with Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands, a Smart Games thinking toy that’s a fun way for kids six and up to work on their concentration and thinking skills.

The three friendly dinosaurs are having the time of their lives playing on tropical islands, but things won’t stay that way if the three mean T-Rexes have anything to say about it. Assemble six puzzle pieces so the red dinosaurs are never connected to the same land as the green dinosaurs and you’ve saved the day! With 80 challenges ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘expert’, there’s endless fun to be had with this simple shape matching puzzle toy.

Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands is a colourful toy that uses simple concepts – dinosaurs, shapes, land and water – to aid in cognitive development. Dinosaur toys can be detached for individual fun, and challenges are geared at single players to allow for quiet, self-guided play. 

  • A simple premise that gets harder as kids develop.

  • Learning toy intended to develop planning, problem solving, concentration, spatial reasoning, and visual perception skills.

  • Approachable presentation makes learning fun.

  • A great platform to get them curious about biology, history, geography, and even issues like bullying and the food chain.

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Smart Games

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