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Are you keen to keep your brain in shape?

These colourful, tactile puzzle pieces beg to be slotted into the game board, creating a 2D image solution. The orientation of each puzzle piece will determine how many balls need to be fitted into the game board. There are two protruding sides. One has one ball and the other has two. Once you have solved the puzzle, the pieces all fit into the board, covering all the holes. The rules are simple. Winning is not as easy. To begin, choose a challenge and set out all specified pieces on the board. Organise the pieces so the protruding sides fit into the board. When all pieces are correctly positioned, you have won the game!

  • A pocket game, this portable puzzle can accompany you on your travels.

  • For all ages over 6, so don't be fooled by the bright colours and chunky pieces - this puzzle perplexes many adults.

  • This compact portable puzzle offers no less than 120 puzzle variations.

  • The lidded game board comes with 10 double-sided puzzle pieces and a booklet containing challenges and solutions.

  • IQ Fit stimulates your cognitive skills when played, including concentration, logic, planning, spatial insight and problem-solving.

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6 years+


Smart Games

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