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Little Red Riding Hood needs to get to Grandma’s house to deliver some delicious treats, but we all know it won’t be as simple as that. Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe uses moveable puzzle pieces to give players the chance to get Red Riding Hood to Grandma safely, just as long as the Wolf doesn’t have a quicker route to the cottage!

This colourful fairy tale game comes with a painted cottage, Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood figurines, three trees, and removable ‘path’ pieces. The name of the game is to create a shorter path to Grandma’s house for Red Riding Hood than for the Big Bad Wolf, but such a simple premise develops along with your child’s understanding. Red Riding Hood Deluxe comes with 48 single-player focused challenges, helping kids to develop their spatial reasoning, concentration, patience and problem-solving. The game even comes with a family-friendly storybook telling an up-to-date version of the Red Riding Hood story, adding a narrative element to the educational play.

  • Fully painted characters and details.

  • Play with or without the Big Bad Wolf, with 24 challenges including both characters and 24 challenges just for Red Riding Hood.

  • Make learning fun with elements that kids already know and love.

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