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Make thinking fun with Penguins on Ice, a Smart Games puzzle toy for kids aged six and up. Work on problem-solving, concentration, and even spatial reasoning with this appealing toy that kids will beg to learn with.

Every puzzle piece needs to be packed together to make them safe to walk on, but the penguins won’t be safe unless they’re also standing in the right places. It’s your job to get them there, figuring out how to fit together the differently shaped ice flows into a single, safe iceberg. Players will start out easy with set shapes, but as their skills grow, they’ll realise that sometimes they need to change the shape of an ice flow to make it fit. Hours of educational play beckon and Penguins on Ice is designed with a single-player focus for quiet, self-guided fun and learning.

  • Cute penguins keep them interested in challenging but age-appropriate puzzles.

  • Colourful box and pieces.

  • An immediately understandable premise that still provides hour after hour of new ways to have fun.

  • Feed their curiosity and use the penguins as an easy way to get them curious about geography, biology, and even issues like global warming and animal preservation.

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6 years+


Smart Games

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