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Can you solve the maze and help rescue Sleeping Beauty, without getting lost?

The Smart Games Sleeping Beauty puzzle provides hours of fun for young children, with so many different ways to play. Help the brave knight rescue Sleeping Beauty, mastermind a daring escape for the beautiful princess, or pretend to be the dragon by blocking all the possible paths to the castle.

The puzzle offers young children 60 challenges to complete over 4 levels of difficulty, playing either with or without the dragon. This is the perfect gift if you’re looking to help stimulate your child’s cognitive development, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. There’s so much fun to be had with the Sleeping Beauty maze that children won’t realise they are learning!

The Smart Games Sleeping Beauty game comes complete with an illustrated, full-colour picture book which the whole family will enjoy. This modern take on the classic fairy tale is perfect for introducing storytelling into playtime.

Winner of Belgium’s Toy of the Year 2018 award. 

  • Suitable for children between 3 - 7 years old

  • Designed for 1 player

  • Complete with a picture book and 4 figurines

  • Brightly coloured, multi-layered construction

  • Sleeping Beauty’s maze measures 30 x 7.5 x 29 cm

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3 years+


Smart Games

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