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Beep beep! Make learning fun with SmartCar 5x5, a toy car that’s also a puzzle and logic construction game. With five blocks of different colours, kids get to build their very own car, but it’ll only run if they meet the rules of 96 different single-player focused challenges.

SmartCar is very clever – in fact, it’s SO clever that it runs on logic. For every challenge, SmartCar has rules about how the player has to fill its 5x5 interior. When all the rules are followed, SmartCar jumps into action, with free-moving wheels and big, friendly eyes ready for adventure.

Challenges range from ‘starter’, through ‘junior’ and ‘expert’, all the way up to ‘master’, so SmartCar keeps up with kids ages 4 and up as they grow and gain experience and understanding in this simple but potentially challenging game. Develop spatial reasoning, patience, problem solving and confidence with this compact toy.

  • SmartCar is a bright and shiny toy car character who kids will love.

  • Use the SmartCar character to keep them invested in logic play, or even as a reward for successfully completing the puzzle.

  • 96 puzzles and a toy car, all in one simple package; great for storage and tidy play.

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4 years+


Smart Games

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