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All young children love fairy tales and Snow White is one of the most popular. This fun toy perfectly captures the story of Snow White and will provide hours of excitement to your little one. Not only will they love the cute character figures included but it will also be a real brain teaser to help stimulate their mind. The aim of this puzzle is for your child to work out where the Snow White figure should fit in the 3D playset in relation to the Dwarves and the Wicked Witch.

This toy has superb longevity as both sides of the set can be played with. Simply use logic to fit everyone into the correct place on the back before doing the same on the front. The set itself is fully interactive - this sees doors and windows included which can be opened to help solve the puzzle. As usual with Smart Games, the quality is second to none and you are both sure to love the fun, colourful design. Whether they play this alone or you sit down with them to help, it is a real winner. 

  • 3D board game toy

  • Multi-layered approach allows for front and back play

  • Ideal for 1 player

  • Set includes Snow White, Wicked Witch and Dwarf figures

  • Funky, bright design

  • Ideal gift to help stimulate problem solving and logic skills

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4 years+


Smart Games

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