Smart Games Squirrels Go Nuts!

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Keep little minds and fingers busy with the pocket-sized brain teaser, Squirrels Go Nuts from SmartGames!

Winter has arrived and our tiny squirrels need to get their nuts to safety by hiding them underground.

This simple sliding puzzle toy involves moving the squirrels and their nuts around the board horizontally and vertically, while actively encouraging your child to improve their logic, concentration and problem-solving skills.

Squirrels Go Nuts! includes 4 cute squirrel pieces, 5 nuts, a compact game board with a secure plastic lid and booklet containing 60 challenges and solutions.

Designed for children aged 6 to adults. You may want to keep this addictive problem-solving toy for yourself!

  • Perfect for car journeys and long flights, for adults and children alike!

  • Simple set up ideal for playing on the go

  • With 60 different challenges, this will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

  • Easy for your child to play, learning the basics of planning and spatial insight.

  • This single-player toy is perfect for keeping kids occupied on their own

  • A compact toy that encourages children to think and puzzle-solve.

  • With 4 levels of difficulty, start with simple challenges and build up to more complex solution

  • Making learning fun

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6 years+


Smart Games

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