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Oh no, that nasty wolf is being mean to the poor little piggies again! Can you and your little one help to keep them safe? This bright and well-designed toy is based on the story of the Three Little Pigs and is the perfect way to help your child learn more about it. As a puzzle-based board game, it will also help to develop their problem solving and logic skills. As well as helping the pigs to stay safe in their houses, you will both have lots of fun keeping them safe when playing outside in the game too.

This combination of excitement and thought makes it a great brain teaser for younger children. With 3 large size puzzle pieces for little hands to grasp, it is also possible to fit the piggies inside their houses and peer at them through their windows. Smart Games always make toys that are engaging and this one is no different. You and your child will love spending playtimes together keeping the little piggies safe!

  • An ideal board game for young children

  • Multi-layered design for hours of play

  • Perfect for 1 player

  • Great gift for stimulating their mind and problem-solving skills

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Recommended age:

3 years+


Smart Games

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