Smiffys Army Costume - Medium

Smiffys Army Costume - Medium


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This Army Costume from Smiffys is sure to get your children excited for their next fancy dress adventure, whether that be pretend-play with friends, World Book Day, school trips, Halloween, fancy dress parties and more! This costume is an incredibly versatile addition to any dress-up box, appealing to both children who like fantasy play and children who prefer to dress up as real-life grown-ups. This costume provides a great opportunity to make your child’s education more interactive, as they will enjoy getting into character while learning about the importance of soldiers in history. They may also have seen soldiers on the television or at the cinema and will enjoy fantasising about being one themselves.

This costume from Smiffys makes it easy for parents to dress their children up in a full costume, featuring a top, matching trousers and matching backpack – no added accessories necessary! Once your kids put this costume on their imagination will run away with them, making playtime more exciting than ever!

  • This army costume is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of dress-up opportunities.

  • Kids will love the chance to dress up as a grown-up during pretend-play!

  • This costume includes a matching top, trousers and backpack.

  • Smiffys is a fancy dress company known for producing impressive and durable costumes and accessories.

  • Available in small (age 4-6) or medium (age 7-9) sizes.

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