Smiffys Fire Fighter Costume - Small

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Children will love this Fire Fighter Costume from Smiffys, ideal for a range of fancy dress opportunities and events, and perfect for encouraging kids to let their imaginations run wild. Pretend-play is always popular with kids, and more often than not they can surprise us by wanting to dress up like grown-ups. This firefighter costume allows children to fulfil their fantasies during playtime, pretending to be a real-life hero and dreaming up make-believe scenarios of rescuing friends and working as a team.

This firefighter costume can also be a popular choice for World Book Days, dressing up as famous firefighter characters, or for 'take your child to work days' which are becoming increasingly popular with schools. This costume comes in a striking red colour that is sure to catch your child’s eye, featuring a red jacket with matching trousers and hat. With this costume, there is no need to worry about finding added accessories, this costume comes as a complete set.

  • This costume is ideal for every kind of dress-up opportunity.

  • Let your child’s imagination run wild as they pretend to be a grown-up for the day.

  • Costume includes red fireman jacket, trousers and hat.

  • Made with good quality materials that will last for many playtimes to come.

  • Available in small (age 4-6) or medium (age 7-9) sizes.

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