Smiffys Surgeon Costume - Small

Smiffys Surgeon Costume - Small


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This Surgeon Costume from Smiffys is a fantastic addition to playtime, encouraging kids to dream up imaginary scenarios and have a light-hearted think about their future careers. Dress-up days at school that encourage children to dress up as who they want to be when they grow up are becoming increasingly common, and this costume offers the perfect solution. Children love playing doctors, so they will no doubt love to use their imaginations to get into the role of a surgeon.

This costume offers everything you will need to get into character, including a blue top, blue trousers, a hat, mask and stethoscope. This costume can be worn by boys and girls, making it a great addition to the dress-up box so that it can be shared amongst all children and friends as they take turns with who gets to be the surgeon.

  • This costume is ideal for school dress-up days and pretend-play.

  • An ideal way to get kids interested in potential future careers!

  • The outfit includes everything you need to become a playtime surgeon, including a top, trousers, hat, face mask and stethoscope.

  • This costume comes from Smiffys, a reputable fancy dress company known for their extensive range of costumes and accessories.

  • Available in small (age 4-6) or medium (age 7-9) sizes.

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