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This Victorian Suffragette Costume from Smiffys is perfect for educational dress-up opportunities, such as World Book Day, school trips or just general pretend-play. The Suffragette Movement is an important part of the school curriculum in the UK and something many parents will want their child to learn as much about as possible – what better way to teach them than encouraging them to dress up as someone from the era? This costume offers an interactive way for children to learn, combining pretend-play with valuable learning.

This costume can also be used in theatre productions that involve Victorian Suffragette characters, including the ever-popular Mary Poppins. This costume includes a grey skirt with attached white blouse, the signature hat of the era and a Suffragette sash. Kids will love dressing up as a key figure from the past, and will no doubt be curious to find out more about the importance of the Suffragette movement. This costume has been made with high-quality materials, making it a valuable addition to any dress-up box.

  • This Victorian Suffragette costume is ideal for educational dress up and play, as well as a handy costume for theatre productions.

  • Costume includes white blouse with necktie attached to a grey skirt. This costume also comes with a hat and Suffragette sash.

  • The costume is made with materials designed to last from playtime to playtime.

  • Offers a fantastic opportunity for children to engage with such a significant time in British history.

  • Available in small (age 4-6) or medium (age 7-9) sizes.

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