Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber - Assorted

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Star Wars is still a big hit with kids and surely the Jedi Knights are one of the most popular characters in this franchise. If your little one loves pretending to be a Jedi and fighting off the bad guys of the Empire, then this extendable lightsabre is a must-have toy. They will have endless fun pretending to fly around the galaxy and use theses fantastic recreations of the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker lightsaber to fight for freedom.

If they like to sometimes play as Darth Vader, there's even a lightsaber here to let them do this. Simple to operate, these cool Star Wars-themed toys open up at the push of a button for hours of creative play. The overall look of them is spot-on and your little one will feel like a proper Star Wars hero with this in their hand. Please note that it is not possible to select which of the three lightsabers you receive when ordering - based on stock levels, one (or more if you place multiple orders) will be selected and shipped on your behalf.

  • Authentic-looking toy Star Wars lightsaber.

  • Extends fully with the push of a button.

  • Comes in three colours (not possible to choose which when ordering).

  • Ideal toy for Star Wars fans or children who love space-themed play.

  • Superb gift for helping to fire their imagination and encourage creativity.

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4 years+



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