Star Wars Plush Toy - Kylo Ren

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Torn between good and evil, Kylo Ren is the truly thrilling villain from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Son of Han and Leia, Kylo chose the dark side of the Force, following Supreme Leader Snoke into the First Order. And with his dramatic cloak, black mask and Jedi skills, he's an unforgettable anti-hero.

Now your child can bring Kylo Ren to life with this high-quality plush toy figure that looks just like the film character. Little details like embroidering will make him seem even more real to them, sparking their imagination.

Kids can re-enact scenes from the Star Wars movies with this toy figure, or even create new adventures for the dark Jedi. Will he win or lose? That's up to them. And anyway, maybe Kylo Ren isn't as bad as he seems...

Plus as this toy is so soft, it's also great for cuddling at bedtime — after all, even a space villain needs the occasional hug!

  • Official Star Wars Kylo Ren figure made by Posh Paws.

  • 10-inch toy fashioned from high-quality plush.

  • Embroidered detailing to feel extra real.

  • Great for imaginative play.

  • Kids can add other plush toys to the collection, building up a whole Star Wars universe with characters like BB8.

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1 month+


Posh Paws

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