Sunnylife Giant Jumbling Tower - Assorted Design

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A hand-dyed ombre stack of 51 blocks, the Sunnylife Giant Jumbling Tower is a colourful oversized party piece perfect for getting the family together and challenging each other to the game. Crafted from natural wood and hand-dyed in eye-catching pinks and yellows, this jumbo tower is a lightweight game of dexterity, concentration and tough decisions which provide hours of entertainment for all ages.

Great for sleepovers, weddings, birthdays, garden parties and good old fashioned fun, watch the blocks in anticipation as they teeter on the edge of all falling over each time a piece is chosen to be carefully pulled away and stacked back on the top level of the tower. Your goal is to make sure you're not the one who makes the whole block fall.

Perfect for big and little kids alike, it's a fantastic game for encouraging children aged 6 and up to practise their decision-making skills, construction skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination in a playful and engaging way. All you need is a steady hand and dedication when trying not to let your delicately built-up tower block fall. Are you ready for the chaos?

  • Fun giant wooden game containing 51 blocks.

  • Lightweight for ease of use.

  • Hand-dyed in bright engaging colours.

  • Made from natural wood.

  • Suitable for ages 6+ and fun for all the family.

  • NOTE: This product comes in assorted designs and you will get one unit based on availability.

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6 years+



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