Sunnylife Gimme 5 Catch Game

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Big kids and little kids alike will love playing with the Sunnylife Gimme 5 Catch Game! Putting a fun twist on the usual game of catch, throwing and catching the suction capped ball with these brightly coloured hands is a must when you’re playing outside.

Play this unique game of catch in your back garden or take the Sunnylife Gimme 5 Catch Game with you to the pool, beach or park. Whether your kids are playing with each other or friends, or whether you want to join in too, this game will keep you amused for hours. And for kids who have an excess of energy on long summer days, it’s the perfect way to keep them active!

Just place your hand through the elastic strap attached to the catching hand to keep it in place and throw the suction capped ball to the other player. When they throw the ball back to you, catch it in the big, colourful catching hand and watch as the suckers stick to the hand to keep it in place.

  • Includes two colourful catching hands and one suction capped ball.

  • Secure the catching hand to your hand using the elastic strap.

  • Throw the ball to your partner to catch.

  • Ideal for outdoor play.

  • Suitable for ages 6+

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6 years+



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