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Give your kids hours of fun in the sun with SunnyLife’s Crabby Inflatable Ring Toss Game. This Insta-worthy toy will keep the whole family entertained and can be used indoors, outdoors and even in the pool.

Suitable for those aged 3 and up, the game is a great way to develop fundamental skills in little ones. Ring toss games are particularly effective at encouraging the development of fine motor skills as well as spatial awareness and coordination. By splitting up into teams, children also discover the importance of teamwork and cooperation as they play together.

There are three different ways to play the game, by putting Crabby on the floor and aiming hoops at his inflated pincers, placing him in the pool (or other water without a current) or even on your head, while players take aim! Keep your eyes on the prize and score those high points with the SunnyLife Crabby Inflatable Ring Toss Game.

  • Play in 2 teams - team that scores the most points wins.

  • 3 ways to play - in the water, on the ground or on your head.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 and above.

  • Suitable for use in water.

  • Constructed from non-toxic 0.18mm PVC, which can be easily wiped clean.

  • Dimensions (deflated): 20 x 16 x 5 cm

  • Weight: 362g

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3 years+



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