Sunnylife Kiddy Float - Flamingo

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When the sun is out and summer is in full swing, this Flamingo kiddy float is the ideal pool or beach toy for children. They will love wearing it to have fun with or swimming around with it to hold onto. Putting it on is simplicity itself thanks to the split in the middle. This also makes it easy to take off again when your kids have finished in the water for the day. As a float, it is perfect for helping kids to stay safe in the water and helping them to practise their swimming.

As you would expect from a Flamingo-inspired float, it comes in a bright pink colour and looks just like the real thing. Made from top quality PVC, it is durable and designed to give many hours of water-based fun. Sunnylife always make great inflatable products and this Flamingo is no exception. Easy to blow up, your little ones will love the cute look it has with big eyes and a round beak. If you are looking for ways to make Summertime even better, then this is a great option.

  • Cool pink Flamingo design.

  • Perfect pool inflatable toy for kids.

  • Easy to get on and off.

  • Simple to inflate and use.

  • Helps young ones to stay safe in the water.

  • Made from robust 0.20 mm PVC.

  • Measures 70 x 57 x 44 cm when inflated.

  • Dimensions (deflated): 15 x 15 x 3 cm

  • Weight: 224g.

  • Suitable for ages 3-6.

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3 years+



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