Sunnylife Skipping Rope - Ice Cream

Sunnylife Skipping Rope - Ice Cream


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Kids and grown-ups alike can derive hours of entertainment from SunnyLife’s Ice Cream Skipping Rope. Melting ice cream cones as handles, complete with cherries on top, give way to a vibrant pink rope. Skipping is a timeless activity that harks back to a pre-smartphone and tablet era. For children, it's an enjoyable and sociable pastime that promotes the development of motor skills, improving coordination, boosting spatial awareness and improving creativity. What’s more, it’s extremely portable, making it a great option for packing on a summer holiday to keep the little ones occupied, whatever the weather.

It’s not only kids that can reap the benefits of skipping; using jumping ropes is also one of the best forms of cardio exercise, in terms of burning calories and increasing the heart rate. It’s also good for helping to improve balance, coordination and flexibility. Skipping is the ultimate kids’ game that grown-ups can get involved with too. Don’t miss a beat with SunnyLife’s Ice Cream Skipping Rope.

  • Skipping is an excellent form of exercise, for kids and adults.

  • SunnyLife's skipping rope comes in a funky retro design.

  • SunnyLife is an Australian company renowned for its fun and colourful range of outdoor accessories, including everything from animal floaties to sprinklers, perfect for getting the family together and enjoying the summer weather.

  • Made from natural wood.

  • Suitable for ages 3+

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