Sunnylife Skipping Rope - Unicorn

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As we enjoy/endure the hotter weather, there's never been a better time to get the kids playing outside in the warm summer sun. As the kids venture out into the great outdoors, the simple, classic toys their parents played with are still massive hits with all ages. Even if they're more used to tablets and video games, all kids love getting outside to run around and play with toys.

The Sunnylife Skipping Rope is a great addition to any backyard, garden or playground equipment for getting active in the summer sunshine.

As it is made from soft woven rope, this skipping rope will be gentle on your loved one's delicate skin if they tie themselves up in knots with their skipping tricks. The colourful, chunky handles are made from beautifully hand-painted natural wood to make sure little hands can keep a firm grip. The stripy, unicorn design is also super colourful and the bold, painted design will mean this toy really stands out from the crowd on the playground.

This skipping rope is intended for use by little explorers of ages 4 and above, so even older, more experienced kids can get involved and show their little friends the ropes.

  • Made from natural wood.

  • Hand-painted.

  • Soft woven rope.

  • Suitable for ages 4+

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4 years+



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