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Part of growing up for your child is learning to deal with big emotions that are new to them. Books are a great way to help show them how and Sweep by Louise Greig and Julia Sarda is the perfect example. It tells the story of Ed who is feeling a bit down one day. Before long, he allows this to grow into a really bad mood which may take over the whole of his town. Can he get things into perspective and sweep his troubles away?

Your little one will love reading this book to find out and you will enjoy discovering the ending with them too. It is the ideal book for bedtime when they need a touching story to help get ready to sleep. Aimed at children who are 3 years and over, it not only helps them find out more about emotions but will also improve their vocabulary too. This is such a charming tale that will also inspire their love for reading.

  • Sweep children's book by Louise Greig and Julia Sarda.

  • Find out if Ed can sweep away his bad mood!

  • Great for developing emotional awareness and vocabulary skills.

  • Ideal bedtime book.

  • Help your kids to discover the joy of reading.

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3 years+



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