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The All around me gym by Taf Toys is a must-have for your little one. It has various multi-sensory toys, a koala, and a snail, which have a baby teether, a double-sided mirrored mushroom, a butterfly ring, as well as a musical toy with bright lights. Playful and soothing melodies, as well as water stream sounds, will keep your baby entertained as you work or do chores.

It comes with a double-sided Sensi-Centre suitable for two development stages. The side with high contrast illustrations is great for newborns and children below three months, and the more colourful side is for children above three months. Babies can rest on their backs, on their side, on their stomachs or in a vertical position as they kick and play.

  • Different body positioning stimulates your baby’s development and head-turning.

  • Double-sided Sensi-Centre stimulates brain development and eyesight.

  • Comes with a removable light and music toy with soft, colourful light and three melodies.

  • Proactive positioning is valuable for learning, motor, sensory, and cognitive development.

  • One of a kind Sensi-Centre encourages toddlers to lie in various poses.

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