Taf Toys Cot Play Centre

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Easily fixed to the bars of your little one's cot, the Taf Toys Cot Play Centre is the perfect toy for babies and toddlers. It features soft textures, sounds and lights for varied sensory stimulation, helping your child's brain to grow from the moment they're born until they're into their toddler years. The Play Centre fixes to standard cots, and also hooks over a travel cot. Better still, it can be removed for playtime anywhere else.

Young children will love the variety of interactions that they can have with this colourful toy. There's a mirror to develop self-awareness, as well as rattles and buttons to promote gross motor skills. Babies will learn basic cause and effect, seeing how the movement of their hands and feet can lead to a sound or light response. There are flaps to lift and things to spin, keeping baby engaged for hours. The Cot Play Centre is the perfect tummy time toy - lie it in front of your baby to give them something to focus on. It can also be attached to a pram or pushchair, for playtime whilst parents are shopping.

  • Fantastic play with a variety of different interactions.

  • Improves gross motor skills.

  • Teaches cause and effect, with lots of sensory stimulation.

  • Grows with your child, from the newborn to preschool stages.

  • Can be used in the cot, on the floor or out and about.

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