Taf Toys Developmental Pillow

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The Taf Toys Developmental Pillow is a fantastic tool for helping your young baby develop neck muscles and encourage him or her to lift their own head.

As a new parent, it can sometimes be difficult to know what toys are suited to enhancing your baby’s learning and development, rather than just something to keep them occupied while you get on with other tasks. Thankfully, with the Taf Toys Developmental Pillow, you can have both.

The pillow, made of super soft material for both comfort and protection of your little one’s head, also includes a rattle and teether to keep them entertained, develop vital motor skills as they grow, and also encourage the lifting of the head and neck.

So you can pick up those rubber gloves or run around with the hoover safe in the knowledge your baby is in great hands with the Taf Toys Developmental Pillow!

  • Includes teether and rattle to encourage your baby to lift its neck and head.

  • Ideal for helping your baby develop neck muscles.

  • Also helps with the development of vital motor skills.

  • Extra soft fabric for comfort and protection.

  • Suitable for babies ages 0 months and up.

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