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Waiting for dinner to be served can be a testing time for even the most mild-mannered of us, so take some of the stress away by keeping your hungry little one entertained with the Taf Toys Mini Table Carousel.

The table-top toy is great not only for distracting your little one while they wait for their food to be served up, but also includes developmental elements in the design to promote fine motor skills and enhanced senses through play and sounds.

The toy includes a suction cup to keep it attached to the high chair table while baby plays, and also comes with a detachable soft toy.

There are numerous activities for your little one to explore including plastic beads, a squeaking doll and more.

It is designed to be washable, as even the grown-ups can be mucky pups too!

  • Suitable for children aged six months and up.

  • Suction cup to keep it attached to the high chair table.

  • Comes with a detachable squeaky toy.

  • Great for helping little ones develop senses and fine motor skills thanks to sounds and movements.

  • Keeps baby entertained while waiting for dinner.

  • Washable.

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6 months+



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