Taf Toys Musical Boat Cot Toy

Taf Toys Musical Boat Cot Toy


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If you’re looking for a multi-fictional toy which can keep your baby entertained while being changed, soothe them at night and help develop motor skills and more, look no further than the Taf Toys Musical Boat Cot Toy.

This great toy has four uses for the price of one, almost as if you had an extra pair of hands!

The musical boat is ideal for buying you a bit of time while trying to change your little one, as it serves as a great distraction for them via its ‘playtime’ mode, then simply switch to ‘soothing’ mode for bedtime, helping baby drift off soundly.

It’s also perfect for use as a tummy-time trainer or crawling aide, supporting your child’s cognitive and motor skills development, as well as enhancing emotional intelligence through music.

  • Suitable for babies aged 0 months and up.

  • 3 x AAA batteries required.

  • Can switch between ‘soothing’ mode and ‘playtime’ mode for multiple uses.

  • Ideal for helping babies develop cognitive skills, motor skills and emotional intelligence.

  • Can be used as a changing table entertainer, tummy-time trainer, crawling aide or cot soother.

  • Projects colourful star shapes for baby to enjoy.

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