Teamsterz Light & Sound Garbage Truck

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Just like a real garbage truck, the Teamsterz Light & Sound Garbage Truck features real working headlights and a selection of recognisable sounds. Children will be able to hear the truck's siren, listen to the engine running and hear as the garbage is emptied. This vehicle toy offers free-wheeling fun for little ones, encouraging imaginative role play.

The bright yellow bin can be hooked on to the side of the garbage truck, then emptied into the truck using the lever control. It's easy to use, and provides great fun again and again. A realistic reverse siren will activate as the truck is pushed backwards, ready to turn around and continue on its journey.

The Teamsterz range features a great selection of recognisable vehicles so that children can act out scenes that they're used to. They're perfect as an easy introduction for children to the world around them and the jobs that people do. This sturdy garbage truck is a great addition to any toy box, with the lights and sounds offering even more fun.

  • Free-wheeling vehicle toy, with lights and sounds.

  • Encourages imaginative role play.

  • Teaches children about the world they live in.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision.

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3 years+


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