Teletubbies Talking Soft Toy - Dipsy

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Yipee! It's Dipsy dipstick!

Don't let his usual moodiness put you off! Dipsy's turned over a new leaf. He's back and he's cuddlier than ever. No more crossed arms, just open arms for you! He's sure to bring lots of laughs. Give him a cuddle! He's a just a big, green cuddling machine.

You can make him do his signature wiggle dance, and giggle as you make him bounce on his bottom!

Made from ultra-soft plush, 'Teletubbies Talking Soft Toy – Dipsy' is the perfect companion. If there's one thing we all know about Teletubbies, it's that they love Big Hugs. With this ultra-soft toy, you'll be able to give Dipsy Big Hugs every day.

Playing with Teletubbies is a great way to learn. 'Teletubby Speech' is based on a child's first words and helps encourage children to develop language. Communicating with Dipsy, you'll see your child's confidence soar. But more than that, just look at that face. It's impossible to resist those adorable eyes, and that plush snuggly fur!

If you give Dipsy an extra-big cuddle, you'll hear him talk. Dipsy will say all your favourite catchphrases!

  • Ultra-soft Dipsy Toy.

  • Inbuilt button and speaker and pre-recorded sounds.

  • Official merchandise of the BAFTA award-winning children's TV show 'Teletubbies'

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18 months+


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