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There's a sun-baby rising in the sky, and the Teletubbies are waiting for your call! With the new Teletubbies Tubby Phone, you can talk with your favourite Teletubby. Your four favourite tubbies are now all a push of a button away.

Press the big purple button for Tinky Winky, the nice green button for Dipsy, the bright yellow button for Laa-Laa, and the bold red button for Po.

The Teletubbies will also call you! You can chat, giggle, and sing together! The Teletubbies always race to the Tubby Phone when it's ringing. Your child can chatter and giggle just like them! They can even dance along to the music, just like the Tubbies!

Want a great way for your child to play? Try Teletubbies! 'Teletubby Speech' is based on a child's first words and helps encourage children to develop language! Communicating with the Teletubbies, your child's confidence will soar.

  • Handset designed for small hands.

  • Grip along the sides of handset, so easy for a child to hold.

  • Electronic with light and sound effects.

  • Colour changing screen.

  • Buttons are chunky and easy to press.

  • Buttons are brightly coloured and easy to see.

  • Official merchandise of the BAFTA award winning children's TV show 'Teletubbies'.

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18 months+


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