The Girl Who Saved Christmas

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A seasonal festive bedtime must, Matt Haig has created another cracker of a read following his bestselling, A Boy Called Christmas. This time, we're taken back to when Christmas began. A time in which Father Christmas was too busy dealing with angry trolls, troubled elves and reindeer falling out of the sky to concern himself with delivering presents or bringing joy.

The moment that changed it all? A little girl called Amelia Wishart and the hope that caused magic to happen. Fast-forward a year, though, and Amelia is in serious trouble and her spirits low. Father Christmas's new sleigh's magic gauge shows that something is wrong, so he sets out to find her. What follows is a madcap adventure through Elfham and Victorian England. Complete with brilliant illustrations of horrible trolls and equally horrible humans, Chris Mould's artwork adds even more humour to this glorious Christmas read. 

  • The Girl Who Saved Christmas is a warm, imaginative, witty seasonal read aimed at kids around 7 years old

  • Sequel to A Boy Called Christmas, Matt Haig's search and rescue adventure will delight and captivate both young and old

  • Matt Haig is the internationally bestselling author of several award-winning books

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