The Snowman

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One snowy winter’s day, with Christmas just around the corner, a young boy builds a snowman in his garden. It has everything - a hat, a scarf, buttons, eyes and a big orange nose! But the little boy is in for a big surprise when he wakes up in the middle of night to find his chilly friend has come to life! In this lovely story told entirely through illustrations, you can follow them on a magical adventure around the world, ending at a very special party at The North Pole.

First published in 1978, The Snowman has been delighting children around the world for decades, especially with the 1982 release of the festive classic film, now a staple of Christmastime viewing.

Because the whole story is told in pictures, this book can be enjoyed by little ones just learning to hold a book themselves, or by little chatterboxes who may want to tell you just what’s going on! With Raymond Briggs’ atmospheric watercolour pencil drawings, The Snowman has come to represent the nostalgia of a childhood Christmas for millions around the world, proving that this is a timeless classic for readers of any age!

  • 32 page paperback book

  • Suitable for young readers

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