The Squirrels Who Squabbled

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A colourful picture book, The Squirrels Who Squabbled tells the story of two friends fighting over the very last nut of the season. Children will love this charming tale about being greedy, and the importance of sharing and working together.

Written by Rachel Bright, and illustrated by the creative Jim Field who is also known for Oi! Frog and other stories, The Squirrels Who Squabbled is filled with bright pictures that bring the story to life. Parents will love reading this beautiful bedtime story, with its rhyming text that easily flows and can smoothly be read aloud. Meanwhile, early readers can settle down to enjoy this book on their own.

This children's story is filled with humour, which you'll find in both the words and the pictures. Learn about Cyril, who never plans for the future, and how he and Bruce both want the forest's very last pine nut. The Squirrels Who Squabbled is a fun story that will be at home on any bedroom bookshelf, and that your children will want to listen to over and over again.

  • Beautifully written by Rachel Bright, with poetic rhymes throughout.

  • Illustrated with pictures by Jim Field.

  • A fun story about competing, sharing and working together.

  • Ideal as a bedtime story, or for reading aloud at any time.

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3 years+



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