The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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Fifty years since it was first published, the Tiger Who Came to Tea remains a cultural treasure that has won the hearts of children and parents alike. Winner of the Sainsbury’s Children Classic 2018 and the Specsavers Platinum Bestseller Award, Judith Kerr’s signature novel surpassed one million copies sold on the threshold of its 50th anniversary. It has been a feature of Nielsen Books Top 5000 books every year since their records began in 1998. A story perfect for bedtime reading, the book would be the ideal addition to any child’s library.

The beloved novel follows the child Sophie, a bright, inquisitive young girl who, while enjoying a quiet evening with her mother, suddenly finds herself playing host to a large, impertinent tiger with a voracious appetite.

This classic illustrated book is perfect for parents to read to infant children, or as a stepping-stone for early years at the start of their literary journeys. This nonsensical, wonderful tale has delighted families for years, and will doubtless continue to fire the imaginations of children for years to come. 

  • Includes the original’s timeless illustrations

  • Helps to foster children's imaginations

  • Is a great addition to any child's library

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