The Truth Pixie

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Heart-warming and hysterical, the Truth Pixie is the story of a quirky, sprite little girl who doesn't quite fit in. When her Great Aunt Julia casts a spell over her, meaning she can only ever tell the truth, she finds that people aren't always happy to hear it. Feeling more and more lonely and miserable, the Truth Pixie begins to wonder whether telling the truth is always for the best. She’s about to find out in the most surprising way.

The Truth Pixie is imaginative storytelling at its finest, told through enchanting rhyme penned by best-selling author, Matt Haig. It's a funny and beautiful tale of learning to love yourself, and although it's aimed at younger children, it will appeal to all. It will make you laugh and uplift you with its warmth and humanity.

With humourous illustrations by the weird and wonderful Chris Mould, this book makes a great gift and can be enjoyed at bedtime. 

  • A funny and endearing tale about how one little pixie learned it's ok to be yourself

  • Sunday Times Bestseller, selling more than 50,000 copies since publication in October 2018

  • A perfect story to help children with life's inevitable ups and downs

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